Transitions2earth™ Biodegradable Cutlery

Our premium quality cutlery uses the latest eco-friendly technology. We use EcoPure™ additive in the plastic which allows these utensils to biodegrade in a landfill. These utensils are durable, heat resistant and heavyweight. They are great for picnics, barbecues and parties since they are premium quality, heat resistant and will biodegrade when thrown away in any garbage can. These utensils are more durable, higher quality and lower priced than other eco-friendly products. And their easy disposal keeps life simple. Transitions2earth™ biodegradable cutlery looks, performs and feels like high quality plastic cutlery, but because of the EcoPure™ additive, biodegrades in 5-20 years in a landfill. Most plastic and compostable cutlery ends up in the garbage, and ultimately in a landfill where it stays forever. Transitions2earth™ cutlery will biodegrade in a fraction of that time. Transitions2earth™ is committed to the environment and developed this product to significantly reduce the impact of single-use plastic cutlery on the environment. Use, enjoy and simply toss in the garbage can after use. Doing the right thing for the environment has never been easier!