We Plant a Tree and Use Upcycled Materials, How Does That Help You?

Today’s consumer interest intensifies when a company goes beyond simply generating profits and pleasing shareholders to effecting positive change within their community and environment. In a market driven by consumers seeking out socially responsible products, it is crucial to supply a variety of these products to help companies and consumers meet their sustainability goals. These products are often evaluated for eco-friendliness of the products production and disposal as well as other voluntary, self-initiated actions of the company to improve and inspire social consciousness and impact.


Nielsen found that 73% of Millennial consumers are willing to pay for social responsibility and sustainability in a study of thirty thousand and encompassing sixty countries. According to The Business Journals, Millennial Small Business Owners are 25% more concerned than previous generations about the environment. Social consciousness does not mean sacrificing profitability or growth, companies at all levels and industries have fostered this movement. In fact, most companies are more profitable and experience heightened innovation and collaboration.


At Transitions2earth®, our products are made from upcycled materials and we plant a tree with every order, but how does that help your business? As a Transitions2earth® distributor, you will be able to stand out and differentiate yourself in the marketplace while connecting with new eco-conscious audiences and increasing sales. Distributing socially conscious products is more than just selling green items, but rather establishing a sustainable culture and values within your company which is very appealing to today’s consumer and gives your product an advantage in the market.

Businesses have an excellent opportunity to meet this customer demand by supplying eco-conscious products like Transitions2earth®. Our products are made from upcycled materials and will biodegrade in a landfill naturally without any special effort for proper disposal. Additionally, with any purchase of Transitions2earth® we will plant a tree through our partnership with Trees for the Future. Planting trees directly impacts the land and the people who live on it by providing empowerment and sustainability. By aiding the quality of the land and reinforcing sustainable farming practices, people are given greater access to food, unity, leadership and education. Giving value to the environment gives many a higher standard of living and greater life opportunities to people living in underserved areas of the world. Distributing a product with these socially conscious value propositions, provides you with integrated marketing and sales support given massive, preexisting consumer interest that will help you thrive in today’s market.