Transitions2earth Expands to Europe

Since our founding in 2004, we at Transitions2earth have been selling eco-friendly and high quality utensils, cutlery, plates and tableware. As a result, we have experienced substantial success and growth in North America.   

Paolo CaciagliDue to the tremendous growth in North America, the time is right to expand through global partnerships with David Jamous and Paolo Caciagli and open Transitions2earth Europe, headquartered in Milan, Italy.  From the Milan headquarters, Transitions2earth Europe will be catering to the surrounding countries such as Germany, England, and France.  

 In regards to the expansion, Transitions2earth CEO Ammi Borenstein commented “We are very excited to bring environmentally-friendly products to a wider audience and encourage a greater number of consumers to reduce their eco-footprint across the globe.”  

 DavidGlobal partner David Jamous of Transitions2earth Europe says of the expansion “We are excited about the value Transitions2earth sustainable products will bring to European customers.'' 

Transitions2earth Europe will expand the current Transitions2earth distribution network to include Europe. With the recent environmental regulation changes in the European Union, Transitions2earth products provide an ideal solution to complying with the new regulations in the fight against the effects of climate change. 

Our products are durable, for a wide range of uses, biodegradable and/or compostable, to break down quickly and leave a minimal eco-footprint, and reusable, to reduce the number of single-use and disposable items. 

 The premium quality of Transitions2earth products meet many of the requirements of the growing environmental regulations in the European Union. With this partnership, customers who are seeking sustainable alternatives to plastic and appreciate eco-conscious forks, spoons, knives, utensils, plates and straws will be able to purchase them in Europe. 

With each bowl, plate, or utensil sold globally, more of the world can now become greener with Transitions2earth.

If you are interested in working with Transitions2earth Europe, please contact us at: