Transitions2earth Announces Highly Anticipated PFAS-Free Product Line

SEATTLE, Wash. - August 11, 2019 - PR Log - Transitions2earth announces today the progress on an innovative new line of products. The product line will address the PFAS contamination crisis of molded fiber plates, bowls and clamshells by providing a sustainable and non-toxic alternative. 

PFAS-Free products from Transitions2earth will be some of the first in the industry without PFAS and will include compostable paper plates, bowls, and clamshells. 

Recent research shows that PFAS, commonly found in molded fiber bowls, plates and clamshells, are toxic to humans and produce a wide range of negative health effects. The new product line demonstrates the ongoing commitment of Transitions2earth to the safety of their consumers and to the preservation of the environment. 

On the contamination crisis and the new product line, Transitions2earth CEO Ammi Borenstein commented “We are working hard to get the word out to the public about how dangerous these chemicals are. But avoiding exposure doesn’t mean we have to return to using harmful plastic products. That’s why we are striving for a solution to address both the PFAS and plastic pollution issues”. 

The new compostable PFAS-Free line will feature a paper base, yet instead of mixing in dangerous PFAS, the paper plates, bowls, and clamshells are coated with non-toxic and compostable PLA (Poly Lactic Acid) for oil and water resistant properties as well as customer safety. With the products’ sturdiness and the oil and water resistant properties from PLA, the product line will be certified compostable for industrial facilities and ready to tackle any serving need. The bowls, plates, and clamshells are microwave-friendly and able to withstand both cold and hot uses to be the perfect solution for any food-serving situation. 

Committed to environmental sustainability  for each order placed, Transitions2earth plants a tree with Trees for the Future.

The PFAS-Free line will launch with a 9 inch plate, 6 inch plate, a 12 oz. bowl, an 8”x8” clamshell and a 7”x5” clamshell. The PFAS-Free line is expected to be released towards the end of 2019 and complies with the ban on PFAS-containing items in San Francisco.

About Transitions2earth

Since 2004, Transitions2earth has been a leader in the sustainable food service products industry, creating effective, beautifully designed products and fostering sustainable innovation. The Seattle-based company is sought after by distributors, wholesalers and venue managers as well as consumers.

Transitions2earth Europe is committed to providing sustainable utensil and cutlery alternatives ideal for environmentally conscious customers located across Europe. 

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Taylor Johnson, Marketing Manager