Transitions2earth Donate Sustainable Cutlery to the Red Cross

At Transitions2earth, we sell products that customers can feel good about using. Our products are eco-friendly, replacing the need for conventional plastics in order to leave a smaller footprint on the environment. Our products are also high quality and durable to support a wide range of uses. Since our founding, we have helped create a healthier planet with the use of our eco-friendly tableware. We at Transtitions2earth have encouraged others to be more environmentally conscious and save the environment by displacing conventional plastics.

We are taking an extra step of being prepared to help communities in need. Our donation of our high-quality utensils to organizations such as the Red Cross will support communities in need. In combination with relief efforts, the sustainable products made by Transtitions2earth will help communities rebuild alongside creating a healthy environment. 

After the challenges we face today with COVID-19, communities have an urgent need to maintain a clean and sanitary environment at food banks and shelters. During those difficult times, disposable bottles, cutlery, and other items are collected by the tons and distributed to those in need. However, those single use items are often discarded and make their way into the environment.

Transitions2earth’s sustainable cutlery donations will partially replace Red Cross’ use of single-use plastics that end up in landfills during their aid efforts. The donated biodegradable cutlery will break down naturally in landfills, helping ailing individuals during the cutlery’s use and helping to achieve a healthy environment after being discarded. 

Regarding the donation, Transitions2earth President Randy Bennett says, “We are happy to be able to assist the Red Cross in helping ailing populations all while helping the environment with sustainable products”.

Randy Bennett continued, “We’re hopeful that the donation will encourage sustainable practices for the future in the industry”.

The donation is a way to expand the beneficial achievements of the Red Cross while encouraging sustainability in relief efforts to aid communities. Including sustainable and eco-friendly products in disaster relief attempts will help communities both in the short and long term. The short term by providing the necessities to recover and long term to thrive with a healthier environment not polluted with non-degradable single-use items. 

We at Transitions2earth have been successful in keeping single-use plastic cutlery and tableware that does not break down from polluting landfills since our inception. Our customers across the world have seen that with each plate, fork, and bowl Transtitions2earth products reduce humanity’s eco-footprint.

The global community has witnessed what Transitions2earth can do to help the environment. Now witness what the company can do to aid communities.