The Potential For Sustainability in Hotels

Today’s green consumers are transforming industries with eco-friendly expectations and and a sense of social responsibility, and the hotel industry is not exempt from these market-wide demands. It’s no surprise that Hotel News Resource, listed ‘Sustainability is Key’ as one of the largest hospitality trends to look out for in 2019 with ‘’ practices are becoming the norm in the hospitality industry. People now expect it. Accommodation providers are now starting to consider the environmental impact on everything they use; from plastic straws to the need for lights to switch off automatically once a guest leaves their room’’.

AD&V, a premier architecture and design firm,  reports that 79% of travelers consider eco-friendly practices when choosing a hotel. These eco-friendly practices range from eco-mode temperature controls to sustainable building materials and the often overlooked challenge of using eco-friendly cutlery and tableware. Whether busy travelers are grabbing food to go from a hotel restaurant, ordering room service, or enjoying in-room refreshments, today’s sustainable travelers rely on accommodation providers to supply eco-conscious disposable cutlery and tableware.

As sustainability efforts and green goals have shifted consumer demand, out-of-date paradigms that surround the implementation of eco-friendly practices have as well. These practices were often perceived as charity or a cost that will have little to no return on investment, but today these sustainability practices are likely to lead to an enhanced guest experience and increased profitability. According to Nielsen 66% of consumers are even willing to spend more on a product or service because it is socially or environmentally conscious.

The emerging demand for greater sustainability in the hotels and hospitality industry is consumer generated and easily profitable, creating an excellent opportunity for hotels to gain early market advantage and drive eco-friendly consumer relationships.

Today’s foodservice disposables market featuring companies like Transitions2earth, offer sustainable cutlery and tableware without having to compromise the strength and durability. Transitions2earth products often outperform most conventional counterparts and their commitment to innovation goes beyond the eco-friendly technology to creating remarkable, distinctive designs.

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