Sustainable Gift Giving Guide

Gift Giving
With the holidays and the season of gift-giving upon us, it can be difficult to find quality and eco-friendly gifts amidst the mountains of plastic and unsustainably sourced products. We at Transitions2earth have compiled a list of sustainable gifts to help make your season bright. 
Been Bag
Been Accessories - $39 - $290
Been creates high-quality totes, wallets, and other accessories that are made from “upcycling” materials that would otherwise be discarded. 
Farmhouse Fresh Skincare
FarmHouse Fresh uses sustainable and zero-waste farming methods to grow ingredients that are used to make the company’s nearly 200 products. 
Kinship Skincare
Kinship Skincare - $18 - $85 
Kinship uses only clean, cruelty-free, and plant-based formulas to create their sustainable skincare products.
Patagonia Tote
Patagonia created the fabric and webbing of the bag out of 100% recyclable materials
Bison Jacket
The jackets are insulated with bison hair, a byproduct from other industries that would otherwise end up in landfills. 
Prana Yoga Mat
The yoga mat is created from recycled polyester and sustainable (not sourced from the Amazon) rubber.
Package Free Starter Kit
For those interested in reducing their use of single-use plastics, Package Free offers a reusable cutlery set that comes packaging-free. 
Amelia Passport Holder
Glass Ladder & Co. uses uses sustainable materials sourced from pineapples, plastic bottles and even mushrooms in order to create their products.
House of Marley Headphones
The over-the-ear headphones offer noise cancellation and lengthy battery life in addition to being made from sustainably sourced wood, “upcycled” silicone and recycled metals
Lego Plants from Plants
Lego has committed themselves to sustainability and have launched a bioplastic version of their classic product sourced from sugar cane materials.