Q&A with Transitions2earth CEO Ammi Borenstein

We asked Transitions2earth CEO Ammi Borenstein to answer a few of our questions about the company and new products.


What made you decide to start Transitions2earth?

Randy Bennett and I started Transitions2earth in 2004.  We were friends with different backgrounds.  Randy’s background was in the restaurant delivery business and my background was in product design and creation.  We realized that we could put our strengths together to create a company focused on sustainable tableware; utensils, plates, cutlery and more.

 Where did your commitment to sustainability originate from?

We all know that there is too much plastic on this planet, so from the beginning we worked to find alternatives that would be better for the environment.  We both have kids and we know that it’s important to tread as lightly on the environment as possible in order to leave it in good shape for our children.

How did your partnership with AvoPlast come about?

 We became interested in AvoPlast when we first learned about it last year.  We couldn’t believe that BIOFASE had figured out how to make commercially viable bioplastic from a non-food source.  

Why Avocados?

Scott and his colleagues saw directly the impact that 300,000 tons of avocado seeds can have on the local landfills in Michoacan, where most Mexican avocados are grown.  The seed can represent 16-20% of the weight of an avocado.  So when avocados are processed in Mexico the waste is a tremendous strain on the local environment.  The brilliance of AvoPlast is that it takes a waste product and converts it into a functional consumer product.  This reduces the fossil fuel impact of the plastics industry and does not require a food product like corn to make functional bioplastic.

 Transitions2earth has experimented with several types of technology in producing sustainable products, everything from biodegradable to bagasse, which has been the most exciting to create?

All of it is exciting in its own way.  We are always looking for ways to produce more sustainable products so each time we discover a new technology that we can incorporate into our product line, it’s always exciting.  With our current focus on being the first to launch AvoPlast products in the US, I would say that our excitement for this product is very high right now.

Which Transitions2earth products do you use in your daily life?

We use them all!  But we try not to use too many.  Since many of our products can go through the dishwasher many times, we try to wash them rather than throw them away after one use.

Anything else exciting for Transitions2earth coming up in the near future?

We have some new developments on the horizon, but they’re too early to discuss.  Also, with the constant experimentation in sustainable raw materials we’ve learned that many of them do not make it to a point of commercial viability.  So we have to take a cautious approach to each new technology.


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