For Every Order, We Will Plant A Tree

Since 2009, Transitions2earth has been a partner of Trees for the Future by planting a tree for every order of our eco-conscious cutlery and tableware. This partnership allows us to further our commitment to the earth beyond producing effective, earth friendly products and fostering sustainable innovation.

With every order of Transitions2earth eco-conscious cutlery and tableware you are not only investing in the earth by choosing a product that will reduce fossil fuels and the need for new materials to be harvested but also investing in the lives of people living in some of the most under served areas of the world. 

Planting trees directly impacts the land and the people who live on it by providing empowerment and sustainability. By aiding the quality of the land and reinforcing sustainable farming practices, people are given greater access to food, unity, leadership and education. Giving value to the environment gives many a higher standard of living and greater life opportunities to people living in under served areas of the world.

Trees for the Future was created in the 1970 and has since planted over 115 million trees in some of the most under served areas of the world. Founders Dave and Grace Deppner witnessed unsustainable land management systems and illegal resources extraction while on a trip to the Philippines in the early 1970s and upon their return home they quickly began working remotely in these areas with community leaders to provide training and seeds to help improve the quality of land and the lives of those who lived with the effects of these struggling environments. 



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