Every Day is Earth Day

     Earth Day

        At Transitions2earth, every day is Earth Day. Each day, we aspire to reduce our footprint on the environment one order at a time.

        Our products replace plastics that accumulate permanently in landfills and harm the planet. Transitions2earth servingware and cutlery are compostable and biodegradable. This means that our products are designed to break down in landfills or composting facilities into natural substances without any added effort, instead of becoming a source of pollution and permanent addition to the earth. Yet our products not only replace the need for conventional plastics but also take part in a large recycling effort. Many of the products that we offer use “upcycled” materials, which take discarded natural materials from other industries and repurpose those materials so they do not become a waste product. The Transitions2earth Bagasse product line is a prime example of this. The Bagasse bowls and plates repurpose the leftover fiber from sugarcane that is discarded from the sugar production process, and transforms the material into sturdy plates and bowls. Every bowl, plate, and serving utensil from Transitions2earth replaces and reduces detrimental plastic waste, giving the user peace of mind with their eco-friendly efforts.

        In addition to our products, for every order we plant a tree with Trees for the Future. To date over 21,000 trees have been planted as a result of Transitions2earth. Our partnership with Trees for the Future helps to create a more sustainable environment with every tree planted.  Planting trees directly helps the land and the people who live on it. Regenerating the environment with trees leads to sustainable agricultural practices and communities to flourish. By planting trees, communities are provided with more than just food; increased income, education, empowerment, unity, and leadership are just some of the benefits of revitalizing the environment. Improving the quality of the environment gives many individuals a higher standard of living and greater life opportunities to people living in underserved areas of the world.

        At Transitions2earth, focusing on sustainability and helping the earth is the core of our business. Using Transitions2earth products reduces and replaces the need for conventional plastic as well as regenerates the environment for underprivileged areas around the globe. For this Earth Day 2019 we want to empower others to join us on the path to sustainability. What will you do to help the earth we live on?