It's Time to Give Up Styrofoam Takeout Utensils and Tableware


According to Time Magazine, takeout restaurants have been feeding busy Americans on the go starting in the 20th century and on average 6% of the American population will consume a takeout meal daily. Currently, 2 Billion takeout orders are placed yearly in the United States. For the entire existence of takeout food and food trucks, customers have been accustom to low-quality Styrofoam and plastic utensils and tableware. Quick, informal meals may require no more than one or two utensils but quality, durability and sustainability should not have to be sacrificed. 


For many businesses, especially small businesses, replacing inexpensive single use utensils and tableware with eco-conscious ones can be costly and difficult to decide which products will prove effective and suitable for your needs. According to Clean Air Council, the amount of paper and plastic utensils waste produced each year is enough to circle the equator 300 times. Every year, 40 billion individual utensils are produced worldwide and with such consistent, low rates of recycling and upcycling, most of these utensils end up in landfills and oceans. 


Low priced, speedy food from food trucks or takeout should no longer has to be served with cheap, harmful plastic. Not only would today's growing green consumer market appreciate it, but all customers seek quality in every aspect of their dining experience no matter how informal.


With growing disapproval from consumers and increasing interests in environmental sustainability, many companies have introduced products that are responsible and effective solutions for single-use utensils and tableware. Shop Transitions2earth eco-conscious products here.  


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