Choosing The Correct Transitions2earth Products For Your Business

Whether your a long time customer of Transitions2earth or you are searching to find the most effective and eco-conscious product to suit your company's specific needs, we have created a guide to explain the benefits and features of each Transitions2earth product so that you can find the products that will be the most successful to fulfill your needs. We offer a diverse collection of cutlery and tableware with many different technologies behind them. We hope this guide will help you in navigating our products. If any additional questions arise, please feel free to contact us
Takeout, Food Delivery, Food Trucks, and Sporting Events
For non-formal meals like these where no servingware is needed and only a utensil or two is required, we recommend Transitions2earth Lightweight Biodegradable Cutlery because it is a lower cost, single use alternative to our bestselling cutlery. Also, our Transitions2earth Biodegradable Bagasse plates are durable enough to hold even the heaviest of foods such as barbecue, teriyaki and much more!
Schools, Colleges and Universities, Churches, Arenas, and Venues
Whether you are serving a full meal or just a snack, quality and durability is required in your single use cutlery, tableware and serving ware. We recommend our bestselling Transitions2earth Biodegradable Forks, Knives and Spoon for these events. This cutlery collection provides a responsible and durable alternative to the millions of single use cutlery used everyday that end up in the garbage and ultimately a landfill. For serving ware, Transitions2earth offers a wide variety of Biodegradable options that are high heat safe, washable and reusable!
Catering, Festivals, and Weddings
For events where you are in need of disposable products for a formal meal where you are eating a complete meal with multiple utensils we recommend our Biodegradable 6 in 1 Heavyweight Cutlery Packs which contains a Fork, Knife, Spoon, Napkin, Salt, and Pepper. These utensils may be heavy food stable but they have a sleek and professional design that will suit even the most formal of occasions. When serving food you will not have to worry about your serving ware withstanding high temperatures or heavy foods,  Transitions2earth serving ware that was designed to excel in situations like these. 
Tasting, Samplings, and Parties
Transitions2earth has the perfect solution when you need a low-cost and eco-conscious utensil for informal events where only a utensil is needed. Our Transitions2earth Lightweight Cutlery is a low-cost version of our bestselling biodegradable cutlery that is durable and high heat safe as well.
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