Why Biodegradability Is the Easiest Way to Make Your Business More Profitable

     As millions of single-use products going to waste everyday and rendering destructive effects on the environment, it is becoming increasingly important that when choosing products for your business to ensure they are eco-conscious. The greatest call for action to replace non-environmentally friendly goods with sustainable ones comes directly from consumers. In 2015, Nielsen conducted a global survey of 30,000 which concluded that 66% of consumers would pay more for sustainable goods.
     Now that consumers are requesting sustainable and quality products as well as being willing to pay more for them, many innovative companies and products introduced to fulfill this need in an affordable and efficient manner. Gone are the days where price remained the single factor for consumers in choosing products and companies to spend their money with. Companies must invest in the environment and fulfill consumers plea for quality and sustainability in order to bring sustainability to their profits and customer reliability. 
     Green consumers, who now occupy as much as 71% of the consumer population according to Environmental Leader, are ready to meet green products and the companies that use them with open wallets and an enthusiasm in fulfilling their responsibility to properly use and dispose the products they use. While there is now reliable commitment between consumers and their desire to use green products, consumers have been very inconsistent in following through and ensuring the products they purchase are actually being disposed of properly after use. 
     As a business owner who would like to use green products and welcome in new green consumers to easily increase profits you will be accepting new responsibility to ensure you are properly using and disposing on these products. Green products are a diverse group and each require different disposal methods. While many are promoted as environmentally friendly, compostable or recyclable, they must be taken to specific facilities that are not easily accessible and can be costly. By using biodegradable products, you will be able to eliminate the time, energy and thought that goes into their disposal while still able to promote the eco-conscious efforts of your company to engage green consumers. 
     Choosing products that are biodegradable is the most time efficient and simplifies your green efforts as there is no special end of life treatment needed. You will not have to dispose biodegradable products in a special facility, just simply throw it away and send it to a landfill where the product will biodegrade naturally. According to the Federal Trade Commission's Green Guides, a product that is biodegradable must break down completely and decompose into nature. This process on average takes about 5-20 years for a product like a disposable fork to decompose while in a landfill which is a swift transition in terms of biodegrading. 

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