Bringing Eco-Consciousness into the Breakroom

Break rooms are the center of productivity and communication for employees as well as being a crucial facet of cultivating a workspace that fosters hard work and high quality results. Break rooms today are more than just a room with a table and a coffee maker, they are a space where employees can relax, recharge, communicate and share ideas and insights with co-workers. In today’s fast paced, high stress work space where 70% of employees are not engaged at work, break rooms are pivotal to ensuring your employees they are supported and promote a sense of inclusivity and informality within company culture so that employees of every level from executives to receptionists can meet on even ground. In a recent survey, 60% of employees said break rooms encourage people to take breaks and 76% said that it would reduce stress and allow them to relax. Break rooms are one of the most beneficial investments into your company by stimulating employee satisfaction.


Break rooms are frequently stocked with grab and go or ready made foods so that employees always have food and drinks available and won’t hesitate to stop by quickly in between meetings. The selection of foods available in break rooms range from microwaveable meals to pastries and bagels, all of which require foodservice disposables for eating which generate large amounts of waste. In today’s culture of eco-consciousness and a heavy consumer focus on sustainability, businesses are improving their green efforts internally, including in the break room which has rendered benefits. TigerChef reports that these internal efforts are impactful externally as well stating ‘’The efforts of a business to be more environmentally conscious can separate that particular business from its competitors and help it to establish good rapport with the community’’.

Businesses are now seeing potential employees evaluate their values in regard to green and sustainability efforts not exclusively in their practices and outputs but also in the office. When hired they want to see these initiatives present within the workspace on a daily basis as they are not a marketing or advertising ploy to be seen as environmentally-friendly but rather a crucial facet of the company’s core values. A great way for a company to embody their eco-conscious values to its employees and restate its commitment to sustainability is to use eco-friendly disposables in the office and break room.

The unnecessary waste of food service disposables that is generated in break rooms causes large amounts of new material to be harvested for a single use product. The production practices will also expending unneeded energy and fossil fuels. Ensuring your company’s break room doesn’t encourage these devastating environmental effects is simple and cost effective. By choosing Transitions2earth products, which are made from upcycled materials, your food service disposables will decompose in a landfill with no special effort needed in the break room. You can simply throw your plate or utensil in the garbage and it will biodegrade in the landfill. Transitions2earth cutlery comes in a beautifully designed, reclosable box that stays organized and appears professional in a break room.