5 Great Upcycled Gifts



Upcycling is a relatively new term within the sustainability community and its making its way on to products that we use in our daily lives. Upcycling is using a material that has little or no use and is reused to create a product or greater quality and use this is crucial from a sustainability perspective because it reduces the amount of waste we produce and reduces the need for new material to be harvested. Here are 5 great upcycled gifts anyone would be happy to receive this holiday season!

Teeki Hot Pants - $79.00

Tikki is an eco-conscious active wear line bring you everything you love from high-end yoga and activewear lines but their yoga pants are created from upcycled water bottles.


Sword and Plough Leather Zipper Clutch - $99.00

Florida based and veteran owned, Sword and Plough, upcycles military uniforms to create beautiful and quality bags like this clutch.



Transitions2earth Avoplast Forks - $19.99

Transitions2earth Avoplast Cutlery is made using 70% avocado seeds that are reclaimed from processing of avocados. Every year 300,000 tons of avocado seeds are discarded after the processing of avocados. The making of this cutlery reclaims some of these and upcycles them into functional bioplastic.



EcoPlum Druzy Recycled Glass Necklace - $39.00

EcoPlum is a great place to search for trendy, upcycled items that complete any outfit. This necklace is made from hand ground antique glass and bottles that have been mounted to sterling silver.


HipCycle Railroad Bottle Stopper - $20.00 

The perfect gift for the eco-conscious wine lover on your list! Crafted from discarded railroad spikes, they will add an element of industrial chic to your bar!

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