4 Ways Green Consumers are Changing The Marketplace


1. Green Consumers Need Business Leadership 

Consumers willingness to purchase green goods is not often reflected in their purchasing activity but according to researchers at Stanford University, consumers are waiting for businesses to lead the way and remove the barriers that hold them from going green. While this may seem like a large responsibility to acquire amongst standing business operations and growth, the researchers at Stanford confidently state that it is worth the trouble, ''We believe that it is not only worth the trouble, but also imperative for success. Once businesses remove the obstacles between consumers’ desire to buy green and the actual follow-through of those sentiments, green products could experience explosive sales growth''. 

2. Evaluation And Comparison Is A Given, Transparency Is Crucial   

Research and comparison often accompanies purchases made in today's information accessible world. Products must endure review and evaluation among global products to be considered for a purchase. Consumers strive to make intelligent decisions in the marketplace and will ensure that products live up to their green claims and reputation as well as ensuring that products will perform as effectively as their non-green counterparts. At Transitions2earth, we carry eco-conscious responsibility in our business practices and display scientific information on our website regarding the production and disposal of our products.


3.  They Are Resource Conservers And They Want To Know You Are Too

According to Harvard Business Review, there are several ways to reach Resource Conservers, including highlighting the economical, long-lasting and reusability of products and giving them the opportunity to recycle and energy conservation by choosing your product. Simply put, they hate waste and are very critical of heavily packaged products.


4.  Personal Interests Contribute To Consumer Decisions

In properly targeting your green audience you must take into account the personal interests and commitments your consumers care deeply about. According to Harvard Business Review, many green consumers are interested in health, animals and the environment. An effective method for reaching these potential customers is focusing on organic and natural components of your products and practices, conducting partnerships with ASPCA, PETA or other organizations that have similar initiatives to that of your target audience. Developing common interests and beliefs to your consumer fosters trust and transparency in your business to consumer relationship that will leave your business more profitable. 


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